Citizen Science for Vector Research

Evaluating the Mosquito Alert System in Spain

John Palmer
Sociodemography Research Group
Department of Political and Social Sciences
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona


Mosquito Alert

expert-validated citizen science system
for research, surveillance, and management
of disease-vector mosquitoes

Mosquito Alert

  • geolocated, taxonomy-guided photo reporting
  • expert and crowd-based validation
  • sampling effort estimation
  • citizen-expert-manager communication

Mosquito Alert

  • free and open source software
  • part of Global Mosquito Alert toolkit
  • over 40,000 participants
  • over 12,000 reports

Evaluating the System

John R.B. Palmer, Aitana Oltra, Francisco Collantes, Juan Antonio Delgado, Javier Lucientes, Sarah Delacour, Mikel Bengoa, Roger Eritja & Frederic Bartumeus. 2017. "Citizen Science Provides a Reliable and Scalable Tool to Track Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes." Nature Communications 8(916). doi:10.1038/s41467-017-00914-9.



Cost per square kilometer per month:

Ovitraps9.36 Euros
Mosquito Alert1.23 Euros

Early Warning


Human-Mosquito Encounter Probabilities


Data Thickness


Future Directions

  • Refining habitat suitability models
  • Now-casting mosquito-borne disease risks
  • Public health management portals
  • Global Mosquito Alert initiative
  • Funding

Applicability to Other Vectors

  • Identification
  • Citizen motivation
  • Public health use

More Information