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Deep learning identification for citizen science surveillance of tiger mosquitoes
Balint Armin Pataki, Joan Garriga, Roger Eritja, John R. B. Palmer, Frederic Bartumeus & Istvan Csabai, Scientific Reports, 11, 4718, (2021).

Citizen Science: A Gateway for Innovation in Disease-Carrying Mosquito Management?
Frederic Bartumeus, Aitana Oltra & John R.B. Palmer, Trends in Parasitology, 34, 9, (2018).

Global Mosquito Alert
John R.B. Palmer, Martin Brocklehurst, Elizabeth Tyson, Anne Bowser, Eleonore Pauwels, Frederic Bartumeus, in Citizen Science: Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy (Susanne Hecker, Muki Haklay, Anne Bowser, Zen Makuch, Johannes Vogel & Aletta Bonn, eds), UCL Press, (2018).

Citizen science provides a reliable and scalable tool to track disease-carrying mosquitoes
John R.B. Palmer, Aitana Oltra, Francisco Collantes, Juan Antonio Delgado, Javier Lucientes, Sarah Delacour, Mikel Bengoa, Roger Eritja & Frederic Bartumeus, Nature Communications, 8, 916, (2017).

Direct Evidence of Adult Aedes albopictus Dispersal by Car
Roger Eritja, John RB Palmer, David Roiz, Isis Sanpera-Calbet & Frederic Bartumeus, Scientific Reports, 7(1), (2017).

Reception and Inclusion of Refugees: Insights for Catalonia from Canada, Portugal, and Sweden
John R.B. Palmer & Ricard Zapata-Barrero, GRITIM-UPF Policy Series, no. 6 (2017).

Movement behavior of a tropical mammal: The case of Tapirus terrestris
Tania Marisol González, Juan David González-Trujillo, John R.B. Palmer, Joan Pino, & Dolors Armenteras, Ecological Modelling 360, 223-29 (2017).

Human Population Growth Offsets Climate-Driven Woody Vegetation Increase in Sub-Saharan Africa
Martin Brandt, Kjeld Rasmussen, Josep Penuelas, Feng Tian, Guy Schurgers, Aleixandre Verger, Ole Mertz, John R.B. Palmer, & Rasmus Fensholt, Nature Ecology & Evolution 1:0081 (2017).

Group Privacy in the Age of Big Data
Lanah Kammourieh, Thomas Baar, Jos Berens, Emmanuel Letouzé, Julia Manske, John Palmer, David Sangokoya & Patrick Vinck, in Linnet Taylor, Luciano Floridi, & Bart van der Sloot (eds.), Group Privacy: New Challenges of Data Technologies (2017) Enlisting Citizen-Scientists in the War on Tiger Mosquitoes
Aitana Oltra, John R.B. Palmer & Frederic Bartumeus, in C. Capineri et al., European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information, London: Ubiquity Press (2016)

Expectation-Maximization Binary Clustering for Behavioural Annotation
Joan Garriga, John R.B. Palmer, Aitana Oltra, Frederic Bartumeus, PLoS ONE 11(3) (2016)

Active and Reactive Behaviour in Human Mobility: The Influence of Attraction Points on Pedestrians
Mario Gutiérrez-Roig, Oleguer Sagarra, Aitana Oltra, John R.B. Palmer, Frederic Bartumeus, Albert Diaz-Guilera, Josep Perelló, Royal Society Open Science 3:160177 (2016)

Using Trajectory Models to Reconstruct Human Activity Spaces: Methodological Advances and their Implications for Studying Exposure and Segregation
John R.B. Palmer & Frederic Bartumeus (working paper)

Synchronous Activity-Space Segregation: Understanding Social Divisions in Space and Time
John R.B. Palmer (under review)

Patterns of Settlement Following Forced Migration: The Case of Bosnians in the United States
John R.B. Palmer (working paper)

The Changing Legal Value of Naturalization: A Set of Indices Quantifying the Gaps Between Immigrants' and Citizens' Rights in 22 OECD Countries
John R.B. Palmer (working paper)

Labor Market Laws and Intra-European Migration: The Role of the State in Shaping Destination Choices
John R.B. Palmer & Mariola Pytlikova, European Journal of Population, 10.1007/s10680-015-9341-5 (2015)

Primera cita de mosquito tigre, Aedes albopictus (Diptera, Culicidae), para Andalucía y primera corroboración de los datos de la aplicación Tigatrapp
Sarah Delacour-Estrella, Francisco Collantes, Ignacio Ruiz-Arrondo, Pedro María Alarcón-Elbal, Juan Antonio Delgado, Roger Eritja, Frederic Bartumeus, Aitana Oltra, John R.B. Palmer & Javier Lucientes, Anales de Biología 36:93-96 (2014)

Activity-Space Segregation: Understanding Social Divisions in Space and Time
John R.B. Palmer, dissertation, Princeton University (2013)

New Approaches to Human Mobility: Using Mobile Phones for Demographic Research
John R.B. Palmer, Thomas J. Espenshade, Frederic Bartumeus, Chang Y. Chung, Necati Ercan Ozgencil & Kathleen Li, Demography, 50(3) (2013)

Educational Achievement Gaps Between Immigrant and Native Students in Two "New" Immigration Countries: Italy and Spain in Comparison
Davide Azzolini, Philipp Schnell & John R.B. Palmer, 643 Annals Am. Acad. Pol. & Soc. Sci. 46 (2012)

The Second Circuit's "New Asylum Seekers": Responses to an Expanded Immigration Docket
John R.B. Palmer, 55 Cath. U. L. Rev. 965 (2006)

The Nature and Causes of the Immigration Surge in the Federal Courts of Appeals
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Exorbitant Jurisdiction
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The Immigration Surge in the Federal Courts of Appeals
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Why Are So Many People Challenging Board of Immigration Appeals Decisions in Federal Court: An Empirical Analysis of the Recent Surge in Petitions for Review
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French Article 14 Jurisdiction, Viewed from the United States
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Refugee Protection in Africa: A Preliminary Survey of the Current Law, Its Origins, and Its Future
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Collateral Bar and Contempt: Challenging a Court Order After Disobeying It
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Evidentiary Issues in Asylum Cases
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