John Palmer

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I am a Marie Curie Research Fellow and tenure-track faculty member in the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration and the Sociodemography Research Group at Pompeu Fabra University. I work on questions arising in demography, law, and public policy related to human mobility and migration, social segregation, and disease ecology. I also teach public international law for the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia and I am a member of the Movement Ecology Lab and Mosquito Alert team at the Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes.

My training is in a combination of ecology (B.S., Cornell University, 1997), law (J.D., Cornell University, 2003), and demography (Ph.D., Princeton University, 2013). In addition to my research, I have managed refugee relief projects in Bosnia, Albania, and Kosovo, and I have worked as a protection officer for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees in Kosovo and Montenegro. I have also served as a law clerk to Judge Richard J. Cardamone, and as a mediator and a staff attorney supervisor for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.